New Year, New Nails!

2016 was quite a year, but now 2017 is here and a perfect time to try out some new nail looks!

Here are some trends to watch for in 2017:

2017-new nail trend-blog-02 Neutral Nails

Natural colors are always a classic. Pearl and cream hues can make fingers look longer, soft and feminine.

2017-new nail trend-blog-03 Chrome

This may feel like a 2016 look, but chrome polishes are getting even more popular for 2017. Add metallic overlays for a colored chrome look.

2017-new nail trend-blog-04 Cuticles

Try combining a neutral color with chrome. Or try blocks of color near the cuticle for a fresh and new look

2017-new nail trend-blog-05 Bold Colors

Make a statement with some bright colors. You can also add spots of bright color on classic nails. Maybe try this year’s Pantone color of the year – Greenery

2017-new nail trend-blog-06 Technology

Nail art from 3D printers and virtual reality manicures could change the way we apply and wear our polish in the future.

2017-new nail trend-blog-07 Nature

The end of 2016 featured 3D flowers and real succulents, so nature could continue to be a big inspiration for nail art.

2017-new nail trend-blog-08 Shape

Some say coffin, some say almond but either way 2017 is a good time to try out some new shapes. A different nail shape can make your manicure look drastically different, it’s not all about the nail art.

No matter what look you might want to try out, it will always look best with healthy hands and nails.

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