Great Holiday Nail Ideas

The holidays are a great time to turn on the glamour! Holiday parties are a great opportunity to show off festive holiday nail art! Here are some trendy styles to try.


Go Glitter!

You can be subtle with a little sparkle on the tips of your nails or along the bottom of the nail for highlights, or you can go full on with a beautiful gold or silver confetti coat over your polish.

holiday-stress-purple Bold and Beautiful!

Experiment with some new polish shades that complement your party fashions. If you’re wearing an LBD, go for a copper or deep purple shade.

holiday-stress-nude Nude Now!

Nail the popular nude look, but add some fun embellishments such as holiday nail stickers or decals to help dress them up.

holiday-stress-french Fancy French!

Try some fun color combos for a holiday French nail – Red & Green, Silver & Red, Gold % Burgundy.


Mad for Plaid!

Go with a classic green, red and blue tartan color combo or try a fun mix like pink, black and silver to dazzle your friends!

Try these Holiday Nail trends for yourself!  Remember, the perfect nail art starts with healthy nails.  Start your manicure treatments with Keratin Gloves!


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