Celebrate Mother’s Day 2017

Mother’s day is right around the corner, and with it is a great opportunity to create special services to make your clients feel extra pampered!  Here are some great options that your spa or salon can use to help moms feel special.


• Combine several services together to make a great Mother’s Day Package you can promote

• Create special add-on services to your existing packages, such as a Keratin Glove & Sock treatment added to a facial or spa

• Provide a Mom’s Day MANI-PEDI Special with an extra Keratin Glove & Sock to enjoy at home



• Invite women to reserve time as a group for extra discounts

• Offer sparkling cider or champagne while your guests are being treated

• Provide a rose or chocolate to each client for Mother’s Day


Want to offer the perfect mother’s day gift?  Try Keratin Combo Packs!  Get Keratin Gloves and Socks together in one great looking package that your clients will love.  Now available in new counter top display boxes!



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