Benefits of Keratin Gloves & Socks!

Benefits of Keratin Gloves and Socks:

Keratin Gloves and Socks have many benefits thanks to their incredible ingredients and easy to use design!

Benefits of our main ingredients include:

   Nail Strenghtening – Keratin

   Deep Moisturizing – Urea

   UV Protection – Lipex PreAct

   Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory – Copaiba Oil

   Antioxidant – Vitamin E

But Keratin Gloves and Socks are also:

Cost effective – They can replace high-end massage cream and cuticle oil

Time Saving – eliminate the steps of soaking, applying massage cream and cuticle oil

Safe – Free of paraben and triclosan means its safe for you, your customers and the environment

Sanitary – Disposable gloves and socks provide a personal and private spa just for your customers (or yourself!)

Simple – Slip on, massage, pull back tips to remove cuticles and remove for perfect set of nails ready for polish!

With so many benefits, it’s easy to see why Keratin Gloves and Socks are the ultimate hand and foot treatment that’s loved by professionals!  And now, Keratin gloves and socks are available for you and your friends to use at home.  Keratin Gloves and Socks are easy to use, whether you’re enjoying a salon treatment, treating your clients or just treating yourself at home!

Find out more about the benefits of Keratin Gloves and Socks here!

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