New Year, New You! (part 1)

New Year, New You!

Did you indulge over the holidays? No worries! We’ve prepared a series of tips for getting 2016 off to a healthy start with super-power foods that will get you beautiful, inside and out.

Tip 1: Lemons
Worried about sweat from new workout routines causing breakouts?

Try adding the juice from half a lemon to water

– Keeps skin hydrated by emulsifying fats.
– Prevents bacterial driven flare ups by killing bacteria in the mouth.
– Helps prevent the oily skin that causes breakouts by removing old hormones and fat-soluble toxins.

Tip 2: Salmon
A Power House Food for Your Skin and Nails!

Salmon tastes great baked or grilled, and goes great with lemon wedges!

– Fight inflammation and UV damage
– Don’t forget those Omega 3’s for improved complexion
– High protein to prevent weak nails
– Get less fine lines and improve skin elasticity

Tip 3: Tomato
Just in case you didn’t have enough reasons to love Italian food

Cook tomatoes (or use tomato paste) with olive oil.  This classic Mediterranean combination is full of health benefits.

– Plenty of lycopene to prevent sun damage
– High carotenoid to slow cellular damage
– Rich in Vitamin C to produce collagen and keep skin firm
– Vitamin C also helps to absorb iron, which helps brittle nails

Tip 4: Avocado
As a food or as a cream, either way you’ll look great!

For a triple treat tip, mix mashed avocados with lemon juice and diced tomatoes for a simple guacamole!

– Promotes skin elasticity
– Helps skin and hair look healthy
– Pureed avocado can be applied topically to hydrate your skin
– High in minerals and vitamins A, D & E, all of which help fight signs of aging
– Prevents blemishes
– Also prevents brittle nails and dry skin

Tip 5: Dark Chocolate
The holidays surround you with dangerous sweets. Ease out of it by indulging in this healthier option!

Stick to small portions of 60% cocoa or more.  The higher the better, but don’t expect it to be anywhere as sweet as milk chocolate

– Improves complexion and can make skin less rough
– Also improves circulation
– Full of antioxidants that help keep skin hydrated
– Helps prevent a bit of UV damage

Don’t forget the easiest way to keep your skin and nails healthy in 2016,
Wearing Keratin Gloves & Socks!

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