New Year, New You! (part 2)

New Year, New You!

Did you indulge over the holidays? No worries! We’ve prepared a series of tips for getting 2016 off to a healthy start with super-power foods that will get you beautiful, inside and out.

Tip 6: Eggs
The incredible, edible beauty secret!

There are at least 100 ways to cook an egg! Scramble them with vegetables like spinach or diced tomatoes for flavor and extra nutrition.

– Vitamin A to keephair and nails healthy- Also contains biotin to protect against dry skin
– Biotin also helps develop Keratin!
– Another high protein food to prevent weak nails
– Good source of iron for brittle or dull nails

Tip 7: Green Tea
The natural healer!

Hot or iced, green tea is a refreshing drink!

– Contains polyphenols to keep skin smooth
– Helps weight loss- Full of antioxidants that could fight wrinkles
– Boosts blood flow
– Increases elastic tissue in skin

Tip 8: Walnuts
Don’t rush to put away those nutcrackers!

Walnuts go great on salads or can be added to smoothies, but beware the high fat content.

– Good source of alpha-linolenic acid, deficiency of which causes dry skin, dandruff and eczema
– Increase production of Keratin
– A great source of Omega-3’s without any fishy taste
– Make skin look younger looking and smooth

Tip 9: Almonds
Eat them or drink them, they’ll help your skin either way!

Try Almond milk instead of dairy to fight inflammation, acne, rashes and wrinkles!

– Full of magnesium for healthy nails
– Help relieve stress
– Great source of Vitamin E
– Fights wrinkles and dull skin
– Could prevent weathering of skin

Tip 10: Berries
A little natural sweetness for your skin and your taste buds

Blueberries make a great snack and have one of the highest antioxidant properties of any fruit!

– Contain quercertin to help reduce inflammation and keep skin radiant
– Help clear acne and blotchy skin- High antioxidants to prevent cell damage in nails and hair
– Lots of vitamin C that keeps collagen in skin healthy

Don’t forget the easiest way to keep your skin and nails healthy in 2016,
Wearing Keratin Gloves & Socks!

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