Help For Damaged Nails

Help For Damaged Nails
Some people are lucky enough to have perfect nails au natural. Unfortunately, most of us need help to get the look of a beautiful manicure. Acrylics, gels and polish provide the looks we love, but they can cause damage to nails from glue and chemicals. The results are brittle, dry and weak nails that are quick to split, crack and peel. They also cause damage to cuticles.

Keratin Gloves & Socks include keratin, a protein found in nails, skin and hair. The easy-to-apply treatment can provide the extra care your clients need to get and keep healthy nails.
• Repairs existing nail damage
• Protects against damaging chemicals  or friction
• No water, cuticle oil or massage lotion  is needed
• Provides a soothing, pampering service
• Safe and sanitary – no paraben or triclosan
• Upgrades your mani-pedi services

For another great treatment, try our new HandPure Hand Mask for anti-aging protection and intense conditioning.

Your clients will thank you!

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