Express Spa Treatments

These days everyone is running at a fast pace. Finding time to relax and unwind at a spa is becoming a luxury.  So more and more spa businesses are offering express treatments so they can offer small doses of pampering to those who really need it but are strapped for time.  Shorter treatments can be more profitable, as more clients can be booked during peak times and they are more affordable so clients can partake more often.


Many companies are recognizing the benefits of quick massages to help their employees unwind and recharge. Spas are offering on-demand treatments that will visit a workplace or home for those who can’t break away during the day.

Business Travelers

Airports are accommodating travelers to help them unwind and relax before or after a long flight with express spas, which offer a variety of services for those who didn’t get a chance to get that manicure or massage before their trip.

Nail Services

Mobile nail services are becoming popular for those who need a mani-pedi but can’t get to the salon. Full-service treatments can be provided in offices or in mobile vans.

Nothing beats a day at a spa for the ultimate in relaxation, but express treatments certainly fill a need for those who want to be pampered but are short on time.

Bodipure can help you provide express hand & foot treatments with Keratin Gloves & Socks – a 20-minute waterless treatment that will soften skin and strengthen nails. Perfect to use as a mani-pedi at a salon, or during facials and massages at a spa.

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