Spring Skin Care

Winter can wreak havoc on skin, and there’s a good chance that it did for some of your clients.

Here are some tips for keeping skin looking its best this spring!

spring-blog-2017-03 Exfoliate

– It’s important to clear away dry and dead winter skin. Use a gentle exfoliant with natural ingredients to avoid irritation. Exfoliate a few times a week for best results.

spring-blog-2017-02 Don’t Over Moisturize

– Many people overuse moisturizers in Spring. Layering all kinds of oils on top of each other can cause more harm than good, so try to stick to one or two good treatments.

spring-blog-2017-04 Try a Face Mask

– Masks are a great way to hydrate dry skin, and are very relaxing. Sheet masks are easy and cheap, but high quality mud-based masks usually have more dermatological benefits and are best for re-hydrating skin.

spring-blog-2017-05 Break Out the Sun Screen

– If you haven’t been applying any over the winter or fall (no judgement) it’s time to start. Sun damage can happen all year round, not just in the summer, so try to use products that provide UV protection regularly.

spring-blog-2017-06 Do some Spring Cleaning

– Old, half filled bottles might not be expired, but they have the potential to be a breeding ground for bacteria. If you’ve had products for 6 months or more, it’s probably time to replace them or get rid of them.

Want an easy to use hand & foot mask to moisturize skin and provide some UV protection?
keratin-product-hanKeratin Gloves & Socks are the perfect spring time treatment for your clients’ hands and feet.  They’re an easy addition to any spa or salon service and since they are disposable they make spring cleaning easy.


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