Keratin Gloves are a Hit in Hair Salons!

The Hair Lounge, a full-service hair salon in Marlboro NJ, provides Keratin Gloves as a complementary service for their clients.
The individual Keratin Glove pouches are kept in the warmer to provide a luxurious treatment and a safe and sanitary one-time use for each client.
Since this is an all-in-one, waterless application, the gloves are provided while the client is getting their hair styled.
The gloves are then removed and the lotion is wiped clean with a warm towel.

Keratin Gloves are packed with skin-nourishing and nail-strengthening Keratin, Urea, Vitamin E and Lipex Preact,
while anti-fungal, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory Copaiba Oil keeps germs at bay.


“Our clients love the extra pampering they get with Keratin Gloves. They all admire how soft their hands feel and thank us for the special attention.” says Joanne, the manager, from The Hair Lounge


Keratin Gloves will help your salon standout and keep your customers very satisfied!

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