Fall Skin Care

Although it’s sad to say good-bye to summer, the fall brings a welcome change to comfortable temperatures and drier air. It’s a good time to evaluate your skin, make any necessary repairs due to sun damage and re-moisturize your skin.



• Eliminate any dry and flaky skin with a full-body exfoliation. Use an oil-based scrub that won’t strip the skin of moisture.

• Change your body wash from a light lotion to a more creamy, soap-free formula that will hydrate your skin.

• Your face will need more care – try a hydrating facial, masks and extra face cream to ward off dryness from colder air.


• Your feet are probably showing signs of wear from sandals so start with a foot scrub and then soak in a luxurious foot bath to soften your skin.

• Don’t forget to continue wearing sunscreen anytime you’re outdoors. Look for face makeup with built-in sunscreen and apply suntan lotion to any other exposed skin.

• Invest in a good hand cream and keep it handy, in your purse, bathroom and kitchen so you remember to moisturize each time you wash your hands.

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