Anti-Aging For Hands

The world has been experimenting with anti-aging treatments forever, or at least as far back as ancient Egypt.  There are endless products and tips for anti-aging facial treatments, but hands can also show serious signs of aging.  Know the signs that effect hands and how you can keep them young-looking.


anti-aging-for-hands-ker3 Dryness and Wrinkles

Dry, scaly skin is a clear sign of aging. Exfoliating away dead skin and moisturizing hands regularly is one of the best ways to keep hands youthful.

Loose Skin
Aging causes loss of subcutaneous tissue, which makes veins more prominent and hands to look more hollow. Vitamin E can help keep skin tight.

Brittle Nails

Much like dry skin, dry nails can also be a big problem. Brittle nails can be caused by all sorts of things, from genetics to excessive hand washing. Don’t forget to moisturize nails along with hands. Vitamin B, iron and keratin will also help strengthen nails.

anti-aging-for-hands-ker5 Age Spots

Also called sunspots, and for good reason. Age spots are usually due to exposure to the sun. Use of sunscreen or hand creams with SPF can do wonders for protecting hands.

Discolored Nails
Nails can turn yellow or brown due to fungal infections, medications or using dark nail polishes. If you’re sure it’s not a fungal issue, try rubbing a lemon wedge against nails to lighten the nail bed.

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