5 Things Clean Spas Don’t Do

Cleanliness is a major concern for any spa.  Baths, mani-pedi tools, slippers and even massage stones can become breeding grounds for dangerous bacteria.  Here are some simple things to avoid to ensure that your clients and staff stay clean and safe, and keep your spa’s reputation as one with high standards.


Don’t share – reusing anything on clients is an easy way to spread germs. Make sure tools, towels and baths are sanitized after each use.



Don’t rush – It takes time to sanitize everything between appointments, so try not to schedule appointments back to back.



Don’t get tunnel vision – If a client sees dirty floors or shelves, they will assume the baths and tools are dirty too. A clean environment is important.



Don’t keep secrets – Many clients are concerned about the methods used to keep facilities clean. Make sure you and your staff can answer any questions they may have.



Don’t try this at home – At home spa treatments are getting popular, but many amateurs don’t know tools and baths need to be sterilized. Make sure your clients know they have a lower risk of infection at a high end spa than they do at home.



Cutting corners with spa maintenance can lead to issues with the CDC, and a reputation as an unclean spa will cost you clients.

Make sure your spa stays clean with Bodipure’s Spa Cleaner!
A heavy-duty, multi-purpose de-greaser that removes oil and scum at the waterline and spa surface. Spa Cleaner provides a fresh surface for all your clients, and it’s phosphate free!

You can also reduce the risk of infection by using disposable treatments, like Keratin Gloves & Socks and Handpure Hand Mask.

work-and-stress-bodipure5These simple spa add-ons can be warmed in a standard towel warmer for a more luxurious experience.

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