Therapeutic Massage Oil for Green Tea -1 gal

Highest grade essential oils and cold-pressed plant oils leave your skin smooth and nourished.


SIZE:                  128 oz. / 1 gal.

Our Therapeutic Massage Oil is exclusively created using cold-pressed plant oils and the highest grade essential oils. It is rich in vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, C) and minerals that leave your skin smooth and nourished. This comforting lavender-scented blend was created for professionals, by professionals.

Step 4 (part 2) of the Any Complete Spa Pedicure Treatment

  • Green Tea Body Bath           (Step 1: Soak)
  • Body Scrub                         (Step 2: Exfoliate)
  • Green Tea Body Mud           (Step 3: Rehydrate – Spa Mask)
  • Green Tea Massage Cream  (Step 4: Massage; Part 1)
  • Therapeutic Massage Oil      (Step 4: Massage; Part 2)
  • Green Tea Lotion                 (Step 5: Moisture & Repair; Part 1)
  • Foot&Heel Cream                (Step 5: Moisture & Repair; Part 2)
Weight 8.09 lbs

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