“We’ve tested them in the field and gotten excellent reviews. Keratin Gloves are a super hydrating treatment you can now add to any service… enjoy intense moisture therapy between appointments. We have them for feet too!”
– My Mobile NailTech Salon

“I really like the product, it saves us lots of time! I have incorporated it with my spa pedicure so they get a hand treatment with their pedi… customers love it!
– luxury nail salon –

Our clients LOVE Keratin Gloves. We use it as part of every manicure and they look forward to it. I would highly recommend Keratin Gloves & Socks for your salon!
– Valerie, NYC Salon

“As a single mommy to two toddler boys, I am constantly washing my hands throughout the day and my skin gets really dry, especially around my knuckles. Regular lotion just soaks in and doesn’t do any permanent moisturizing. I used my Keratin gloves about a week ago and left them on for about an hour. When I took off the gloves I couldn’t believe how soft and moisturized my hands were. And nearly 7 days later I STILL don’t have dry knuckles.”
– @tiffthornton, Instagram

“A must have for anyone who struggles with dry hands/feet…My hands and feet feel so much more hydrated and silky soft after using the gloves and booties! My nails have even grown and look better than ever!”
– @cassandraoday, Instagram

“After the treatment my hands feel baby soft & the best part is that they don’t eat away, damage or dull a fresh mani! The treatment is fast (only 20 mins) & the gloves are “touch screen” friendly, which means you can scroll through Instagram while you wait. If you haven’t tried Keratin Gloves yet you need to!! Trust me, your hands & feet will thank you!”
– the mindofbre, Instagram

“They use 100% active vegetable ingredients that come from renewable sources, so that’s a huge plus. And you can still use your devices while wearing the gloves… My hands are exactly what I wanted. No dead skin on the palms, and the backs of my hands feel smooth and soft. The same with my feet. I am probably going to invest in a box. This at home treatment is comparable to the paraffin treatments I used to get…”
– SassyEthnicBohemian, Beauty Blogger

“I got this product from my FabFitFun Beauty Box! LOVE IT! If you have dry feet and need lots of lotion like I do to keep your feet feeling good, this is an excellent option for you. They just slip on your foot easily with lotion on the inside of the thin plastic sock. They are a generous size so would likely fit all size feet. I generally slip them on when I go to bed or watch a movie. When I remove them, I rub in the extra lotion left on my foot and keep the sock for a 2nd use a couple days later. My feet feel soft and moist after this application. Like with all plastic, you should not attempt to walk in these keratin socks as they are slippery. My feet are ultra dry so I use these 2 times a week in addition to daily rub-in moisturizer on off days. The value of these is you can leave your foot bath in lotion which does a better job than a quick rub in.”
– Beautybox subscriber

“I’m so glad I discovered these. They have truly been a life changer. I soak my feet for about 15 minutes before putting the booties on and then put socks on top. I have tried many brands of hand and feet masks, and Bodipure is far superior out of everything I’ve tried. The gloves and booties are oversized, but easy to form against your hands and feet to make sure you get full use of the product. This set comes with six sets, each including one pair of gloves and one pair of booties separately wrapped inside. With continued use, the cracks in my heals go away and the my hands look softer too.”
– Salon customer