Keratin Gloves + Socks – 12pk Display Kit (6 Gloves + 6 Socks)

Cost-effective and time-saving way to provide a perfectly prepared set of nails ready for polish!

revolutionary way to save time and money on manicures! Formulated with 100% vegetable active ingredients derived from renewable sources. A sanitary and safe way to help prevent mycosis.

BODIPURE’s Keratin Gloves prepares the nails for a minicure – moisturizes the skin, softens the cuticles, and strengthens the nails. Excellent as both a moisturizer and massage lotion.


Key Ingredients and Benefits:


   Nail Strengthening – Keratin

   Deep Moisturizing – Urea

   UV Protection – AKorex L

   Antiseptic, Anti-fungal, Anti-inflammatory – Copaiba Oil

   Antioxidant – Vitamin E


 What it is formulated WITHOUT:


* Package includes a pair of Keratin Gloves and a disposable nail file.

Weight 0.90 lbs


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Keratin Brochure

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